Benefits of the Siddha System

The Siddha system of medicine is primarily practised in parts of southern India. It is one of the world’s oldest traditional medicine systems, treating not only the physical body but also the mind and soul. Unlike Ayurveda, which is another traditional system of Indian medicine, but which gives topmost priority to herbal treatment, Siddha medicine gives importance to the conjunctive use of plants and minerals. For simple ailments, the Siddha practitioner advises the initial use of herbs. If this does not prove effective, the judicious use of plants, minerals, and animal products is advised..


Right practice brings the greatest benefits to mankind when properly practiced. As by studying material medical a man cannot cure himself without the aid of a trained physician, so the mere study cannot bring about truly good results unless it is carried out under the guidance of an experienced medical practioner. It should be remembered furthermore that in a written book everything is different from every other and that which is helpful to one, may not be so to another.

Anyone who practices faithfully according to the instructions of an experienced living teacher will surely gain highly beneficial results both in mind and body. He will learn how to manufacture vital force and to increase the vitality of his whole organism. He will be able to remove all impurities from his system and to overcome all abnormal and diseased conditions, that is, where decomposition and disorganization have not advanced too far.

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