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Understanding Infertility
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Siddha 365 Health Care under the guidance of Dr. Sindhu V, one of the best Ayurvedic doctors in Chennai, has always focused on the health needs of society. Siddha medicine is developed in pre ayurvedic period with civilization of Mohenzadaro and Harappa in the Indus river valley around 10,000 years back. The Siddha System of Medicine is a contribution of the Dravidian culture, which is one of the oldest cultures in world. Siddha system of medicine talks more about moral principle and moral guidance which is extremely relevant to our present-day health care system. Ancient Tamil Civilization has contributed a lot and has left behind a relevant health care system to the world. Siddha concepts are not only relevant today it will continuously be relevant in the future also.

Ravi BharathiRavi Bharathi
14:13 08 Apr 24
Very good doctor, handled and understand my illness in good way... Highly recommended
Lal KiranLal Kiran
20:39 02 Apr 24
My mother had suffered severe vomiting issue at night times on past 6 months. she didn't like modern medicine so we approached siddha365 health care VILLIVAKKAM.dr.sindhu examined my mother diagnosis confirm she having bile stone,ulcer problem.After following 10days of some food diet and medication from mother was slowly recovering now.Doctor was very friendly and caring.she listening everything patiently and explaining the problem neat and clear.
Subbu VasanthSubbu Vasanth
08:46 31 Mar 24
"I recently visited Sidha 365 health care clinic and had a fantastic experience. The staff was incredibly knowledgeable and friendly, and the facilities were clean and modern. I received excellent care and would highly recommend to anyone seeking professional healthcare services."
13:09 13 Mar 24
Doctor is so lovely and had lots of patience. She explained very clearly. We had tried lots of allopathy medicine for my daughter and didn't get cured. It was there for more than 6 months. But after I started treatment here within 20 days of its almost cured. I am so happy I found this hospital and such a sweet doctor. She also frequently checks how her patient is over the phone too. I have shared before and after pics
Qualitronics HOQualitronics HO
09:08 02 Mar 24
When I visited Siddha 365 Health Care Clinic recently, I was struck by how professional and kind Dr. Sindhu was. She was also my doctor, and I am appreciative of his professionalism, care, and advise. I am sure she will continue to provide the same level of care since I trust the practice she has established! All physicians ought to aspire to be like this!
06:40 21 Feb 24
A Month back, I visited Siddha clinic for my hairfall and dandruff issue, Sindhu Ma'am provided some useful intakes and some oils and lotions, I must say my dandruff got cleared completely after using it for one month and also the hairfall which got reduced while comparing it from past.Thank you:-) and Must try, those who have above issues
muthu Kumarmuthu Kumar
11:07 01 Aug 23
First of all I like to thank Dr.sindhu for the treatment and care.since my daughter hair was started falling like anything and we feared about that even my daughter worried a lot on this and we luckily found Siddha 365 clinic and within 10 days my daughter got good result and now 90 % cured and also hair started growth and she happy now.also I have some warts around my neck and I have enquired in many clinic which they have offered me around 10k for the treatment but in Siddha 365 the treatment was good with in 4 days warts got removed and cost was very reasonable I am like to recommend everyone to who need a better treatment for your need.Once again thanks doctor
Sathya KumarSathya Kumar
10:05 30 Jun 23
Good treatment thank you mam
Selvi SelviSelvi Selvi
09:04 30 Jun 23
Thank you mam great experience to share
04:36 21 Jun 23
Dr. Sindhu is extremely professional. She takes time to listen and time to explain. She's both informative and sensitive. A first in class professional experience. Completely satisfied. Highly recommended.
Mani kandanMani kandan
09:08 20 Jun 23
Friendly treatment
Saraswathi NSaraswathi N
07:54 04 Jan 23
Dr. Sindhu is a professional and one of the best doctors around. Her diagnosis is to the addresses the root cause and provide the apt treatment. She's cool and composed and will always be there for her patient's.
vijaya lakshmivijaya lakshmi
09:40 28 Dec 22
I recommend this doctor .... She is friendly and listen the illness patiently.... Am happy and satisfied with Treatment.Experienced and identifying the illness. Giving good and relevant suggestion to cure the illness. Thank u Dr. Sindhu mam
Sakthi BSakthi B
07:41 28 Dec 22
We had a very pleasant experience consulting with Dr. Sindhu. Her positive and kind attitude made us stay positive. She was approachable at all times. She patiently responded to all my queries directly. It was a great experience.
I have taken hair fall treatment of whole 5 session which gives beautiful result out of which they deserve the commitment. Also they gave post care advise which is really helpful. Price also affordable.. Where any body go and take.. Rich or poor no matter, can get optimised treatment plan with proper schedule also they are giving proper diet which is really helpful to maintain. Thanks to Dr.Sindhu (Siddha 365 )
Ratna Bakthavachalam
Ratna Bakthavachalam
For many years myself had cornfoot i beared pain but, my doctor who healed one leg myself never thought till will heal very as soon as possible.It was very great my pain relief i must thank itwas healed in a great manner.. one leg bacame alright. Now myself going to next leg to be healed myself very, very happy I can walk in a perfect way.going next Treatment.
sangeetha chenna kesavan
sangeetha chenna kesavan
I approached Dr Sindhu mam for my son severe cough and cold issues.we consulted many doctors but problem was not solved for my son he suffered a lot during night time .But after mam medication could see a good improvement within a week. Her attention towards patient is admirable and she enquires everything patiently then provide medicine accordingly.keep up your good work mam.
Saravanakumar. Rangasamy.
Saravanakumar. Rangasamy.
I had approached Siddha 365 for allergy and sinus issues and could see a good satisfying improvement within 2 weeks. Best part is they listen to your problems patiently and then provide medicine accordingly. Recommend👍🏻


Vatha Pitham Kapham or Tridosha or Mukkuttram (வாதம் பித்தம் கபம்)  (wind,bile, phlegm) is the fundamental concept of Tamil Siddha Medicine system or Ayurveda system. These are the three important humors, when deranged causes all kinds ofdiseases from a small cold to cancer. Also called as வளிஅழல்ஐயம்.Humoral pathology explains that a diseases are caused by the mixture of the three essential humors namely wind,bile, phlegm and that the relative proportion of these humors are responsible

The three humors are called Muppini or Mukkuttram in Tamil siddha medicine system and Tridosha in Siddha system


Right hand, index and middle finger rests on the eyebrow center; thumb is near the right nostril, ring and pinkie fold next to the left nostril (this is the suggested mudra by the Bihar Yoga folks but I typically use Vishnu mudra, which is folding the index and middle finger to the palm and extending the ring and pinkie – having the palm so close to my face makes me claustrophobic); left hand in jnana mudra at left knee (index finger folded to root of thumb – creates a small circle)

Nostril Breathing:

1.  Create the intention of balancing the ida and 

      pingala nadi


2.  Continue with Nasagra Mudra (or Vishnu mudra)


3. Close the right nostril with the thumb, inhale through the left, count mentally but breathe without strain.


4. Close left nostril with ring finger and release the  thumb from the right nostril, exhaling through the right nostril, counting on the exhale. Match the inhale and the exhale. 



Our Founder, Dr. SINDHU V B.S.M.S., M.D(Siddha), H.A.H.M. 

Comes from a Traditional Siddha Family. Since he was young, he has been passionate about gathering herbs and making Siddha and other ayurvedic remedies. He created his professional degree in Siddha medicine, achieving an M.D (Siddha), B.S.M.S., and has been in practice for more than Five Years. He treats all major illnesses, with a focus on male and female fertility, particularly PCOS-PCOD, ovarian cysts, fibroids, fallopian tube block, irregular menstruation, and hormonal imbalance. He treats with his own blends of herbs. Patients can put their trust in his hands for healing.


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